Created in 1949, CCG is a public financial institution assimilated to a loan institution.

CCG contributes to boost the private initiative by encouraging the creation, development and modernization of enterprises.

CCG supports social development as well through guaranteeing housing loans.

Our history

Our missions

CCG is a public financial institution assimilated to a loan institution by operation of the banking law. It is in charge of a mission of general interest which mainly consists of sharing risks with the financial sector players in order to facilitate access to financing.

Considered since 2009 as a single actor in the national system of institutional guarantee in which the Moroccan State plays a central role, CCG offers rich and varied products that meet the needs and demands of very small, small and medium enterprises throughout their life cycle.

Our intervention in favor of enterprises is done through guarantee, co-financing and equity financing.

CCG committed to seed and innovation financing to ensure a continuum in the funding chain for start-ups, particularly in the early stages of creation

CCG has also developed another strategic business area devoted to financing access to property for middle or low income social categories and also for categories with an irregular income.

CCG guarantees as well bank loans destined to finance tuition fees for students enrolled in private schools and institutes.