Our strategic business areas: wide and varied fields of intervention.

Activity for enterprises
  • Guarantee

    To facilitate the access of enterprises to financing, CCG guarantees between 50 and 80% of the loans granted by banks, leasing companies, venture capital organizations and project holders’ supportive associations.



  • Co-financing

    CCG and banks jointly fund programs of investment and financial restructuring for VSMEs.

    Joint financing products:



  • Equity and innovation financing

    • Venture Capital Funds guarantee
    • Joint financing in investment Funds
    • Grants and loans for innovation
Activity for individuals
  • Housing loans guarantee

    CCG provides for banks and individuals a guarantee offer aiming to facilitate access to property for middle-class and low-income or irregular income individuals.




  • Student loans guarantee

    CCG guarantees bank loans destined to finance tuition fees for students enrolled in private schools and training institutes.