CCG adopts a new visual identity

Date : 18 Dec 2017

Rabat, December 18th, 2017

In accordance with its 2017-2021 Strategic Development Plan, CCG adopts a new visual identity to adapt its acronym to the development of its activities and to modernize its brand image.

This new identity capitalizes on the acronym "CCG" of the name "Caisse Centrale de Garantie", already well known by partners and clients, to avoid any loss of notoriety. Thus, the three abbreviations "C" "C" "G" now refer to the business lines of the institution, namely:

  • Credit (loan): through co-financing with the banking sector and start-up financing tools
  • Capital: through equity investments in SMEs and innovative startups (via the funds "Emergence Invest” and “Innov Invest ")
  • Guarantee: the historical activity in favor of VSMEs and individuals

The objective behind this makeover of the visual identity is to also allow to break with the attributes of the old denomination, in particular the idea of a centralized institution and an activity dedicated exclusively to the guarantee.

The word "FINANCE" has been added to the new visual identity in order to mark the institution's positioning as an actor in the national financial landscape.

The graphic line of the new logo, whose initials “CCG” have been drawn and shaped in a stylized way, is based on a square that expresses the solid foundation, righteousness and seriousness of a historic public institution, while being modern and dynamic.

At the level of colors, grey and orange have been maintained to ensure a graphic link with the old logo. The orange dot represents the target of the enterprises that create wealth, and refers to the funding that is at the heart of CCG’s business lines. The blue-green brings a touch of modernity and dynamism.

CCG, whose history began nearly 70 years ago, with its creation by Dahir in 1949, has never stopped reinventing itself to adapt to the new challenges and financing needs of the country's economic and social development.

CCG acts as a lever for funding by guaranteeing bank loans and leasing loans. We also contribute, through co-financing with banks, to improving the competitiveness of enterprises by reducing loan costs, thus supporting Morocco's major sectoral strategies such as industry, export, tourism and education...

Since 2003, CCG has also been committed to guaranteeing housing loans, thus facilitating the access to housing for thousands of households, particularly for low or non-regular income populations.

As part of its strategic plan 2017-2021, CCG has engaged in financing startups and innovation and is committed to supporting the financing of green economy and financial inclusion of very small enterprises and households.

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