CCG organizes the « 3rd International Forum on Institutional Guarantee in the MENA Region»

Date : 13 Oct 2017

Caisse Centrale de Garantie organizes, on October 26 and 27, 2017 in Marrakech, the third edition of the International Forum on Institutional Guarantee in the MENA region under the theme: "Institutional guarantee: a key entrepreneurship and MSME development catalyst in the MENA region".

This international forum aims to present the best practices in terms of institutional guarantee, both in the MENA region and worldwide, and to identify the development areas of the guarantee systems within the countries of the region.

Speaking at the opening of the forum, Mr. Hicham ZANATI SERGHINI, Director General of CCG, stressed the importance of this meeting theme which highlights the role of the guarantee in improving access to financing and its impact on the economic and social development of each country.

He recalled that the issue of access to financing is universal as it is acute in the various economies, even in the most advanced, adding that this is a subject that concerns us particularly in our region, regarding the many challenges we have to face.

While highlighting the similarities between the countries of the region, especially in terms of culture, economic structures, opportunities and challenges, Mr. Serghini recalled the existence of specific features that shape the model characteristics of each guarantee system.

He recalled that the institutional guarantee in Morocco dates back to 1949, the date of creation of the Caisse Centrale de Garantie, which is one of the privileged intervention instruments of the State in the financing of economic and social development. CCG has experienced several milestones and developments, with the most important in 2007 when the government initiated a reflection on the future of the guarantee system in order to rationalize and strengthen its intervention.

A strategic vision was set up in 2009, recognizing CCG’s role as a single public actor in terms of institutional guarantee.

As a result of this strategy, CCG has achieved positive results with an exponential evolution of its activity in favor of enterprises whose guaranteed loan volume has quadrupled in the recent years.

Mr. SERGHINI also underlined the pioneering experience of Morocco in facilitating access to housing through the institutional guarantee, in favor of thousands of families with modest or non-regular incomes who were previously excluded from the classic circuit of bank financing.

The guarantee has thus succeeded in acting as a lever and a catalyst for financing to produce additionality, which is the ultimate goal of any guarantee system.

Organized for the first time in Morocco, after Jordan and Egypt, the third International Forum on Institutional Guarantee aims to strengthen the cooperation among the guarantee institutions of the region, and fall within the framework of promoting the network action of guarantee institutions in the MENA region.

The Forum is structured around four main panels: evaluating the current state and perspectives of the institutional credit guarantee in the MENA region, the partnership between Guarantee institutions and Banks, guarantee institutions funding and supervising and finally, the perspectives of guarantee institutions in an evolving financial landscape: handling the opportunities and challenges of financial inclusion, households financing, participative finance and startups financing.

The guarantee institutions of the MENA region that attended the forum include, besides Morocco, the host country, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon and Qatar.

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